WT Papier (Stapled Dummy) WT Papier (Stapled Dummy) WT Papier (Stapled Dummy)

WT Papier (Stapled Dummy)

Project by: Werkplaats Typografie

Designer: WT Year 17 and 18

Pages: 60

Format: 225 x 320 mm mm

Price:  30,00

WT Papier is the Paper-Repro office of the Werkplaats Typografie family. We offer a form of modified and self-described re-paper that reveals different degrees of its previous life. Using sheets exclusively from WT print runs collected throughout the year, the material is coated(er) with SunChemical white offset ink to give it a new life. This process gives the paper a unique surface. If you would like to experience the tooth of WT Papier, you can also order this paper dummy. Our paper dummies are perfect bound with cold glue or stapled, and contain print samples that demonstrate the unique properties of the paper in use. WT Papier dummies can only be ordered by format (A5, A4, A4+).