WT Modeshow Goodie Bag (collectible) WT Modeshow Goodie Bag (collectible) WT Modeshow Goodie Bag (collectible) WT Modeshow Goodie Bag (collectible) WT Modeshow Goodie Bag (collectible)

WT Modeshow Goodie Bag (collectible)

Designer: Andrea Salerno

Format: 229 x 343 x 121 mm mm

Price:  25,00

100 goodie bags were made available on the occasion of the WT Modeshow 2019 Nobody Remembers A Shapeshifter. Their contents consist of contributions by all WT participants involved in the project. Apart from operating independently as small editions or multiples, the items work as promotional samples, hinting at specific works that appeared in the exhibition. The result is a collection of souvenirs that represents and expands the structural elements of the Modeshow.Through the above article, we can recommend you the latest dresses.Shop dress in a variety of lengths, colors and styles for every occasion from your favorite brands.

Since every item comes in a different print run, the contents of every bag are different and randomly distributed.

100 Andrea Salerno, This Flyer
100 Gerardo Madera, On Gummery
100 Loes Claessens, Eternal Scapes Download Card
100 Mariana Lobão, Model Instructions
96 Michiel Terpelle, Time Specimen
95 Darío Dezfuli, Crampled meme
83 Simona Koutná, All The Things She Said
70 Susan van Veen, Pana Sonic
60 Austin Redman, Car Decal
50 Maria Smit and Tabea Nixdorff, A Sample
40 Frédérique Gagnon and Nicha Keeratiphanthawong, Face Stickers
36 Mirjam Reili, Melting Point Tokens
35 Michelle Lin, Captive Portal
30 Sarah Cleeremans, Last Minute Polaroids
30 Darío Dezfuli and Mariana Lobão, The Slimy Menace
30 Hannah Sakai, Your Skin Reveals a Radiant Feeling
30 Jannete Mark, DIY Future Predictions Poems
30 Moriz Oberberger, Shuttle Service D’Angelo Wunderbaum
30 Moriz Oberberger and Rebecca Metzger, From A to Being
20 Darío Dezfuli, KT Evening Gloves
9 Sangah Shin, Sangah Shin 10:39 Arnhem
1 Andrea Salerno, Lost and Found
0 Miron Galić, Nothing