Theory – Arts – Practices

Theory – Arts – Practices

Project by: ArtEZ Press

Designer: Eloise Harris

Pages: 208

Format: 145 x 220 mm mm

Price:  22,50

What happens when one asks ‘Why, what and how theory?’ to dedicated people in international MA art education for fine art and performing art? This book offers an array of current options, positions and practices, the texts show the various ways of applied theory in the teaching of art.

Authors: Lieven De Cauter, Sher Doruff, Jeroen Fabius, Konstantina Georgelou, Marijn de Langen, David Mabb, Suhail Malik, Rhys Martin, Louisa Minkin, Ken Neil, Emily Orley, Hans Ulrich Reck, Daniel Rubinstein, Alex Schady, P.A. Skantze, Vivian Sky Rehberg, Peter Sonderen, Riikka Stewen, Karel Vanhaesebrouck