The Fantasy The Fantasy The Fantasy The Fantasy

The Fantasy

Project by: DAI / Dutch Art Institute

Designer: Lotte Schröder

Pages: 50

Format: 120 x 340 mm mm

Price:  8,00

The Fantasy is the culmination of a period of research into tensions within the dilapidated Dutch city of Almere, and its failure to realize an architectural plan to become a utopian haven. The book takes the form of both travelogue and timeless voyage. Three characters, based on the city’s actual residents, share accounts of a fictional trip that traces a route based on small irregularities, curiosities and almost invisible details that were uncovered while wandering through the city. The Fantasy is a work of fiction, which, in merging social, political, and urban investigation with street observation, emphasizes how daily urban situations and invisible street practitioners define geopolitical conditions. This book belongs to the Publishing Class Collection How to Live Together Series published by CasCo Art Institute, Utrecht.