Supersize #2: book Supersize #2: book Supersize #2: book

Supersize #2: book

Designer: Moriz Oberberger in collaboration with the Mexican streetwear brand Pay’s

Pages: 128

Format: 148 x 210 mm mm

Price:  20,00

This is the second iteration of a series of very large drawings translated into three different formats; a book, a sweater and a mural. It’s the outcome of personal observations and stereotypical representations of the ordinary daily life in Mexico. It was first drawn on a sheet of paper, then, resized and decomposed into a book. After that a detail was taken out for the sweaters and it was reunited again for the mural. Enlarging the drawing into a super size is a method that aims to unveil the truth between the stereotypes and reality, similar to a magnifying glass that allows us to discover the truthful nature of the object we are looking at.