Stupendous #2 Stupendous #2 Stupendous #2

Stupendous #2

Designer: Noah Venezia

Format: 150 x 212 mm

Year: 2011

Price:  10,00

“In 1969 the unique and pioneering psychedelic rock band Lothar & the Hand People released their second album, Space Hymn. Just as they sought to create an aural ‘space hymn,’ the second issue of Stupendous attempts to create a visual space hymn. This edition is dedicated to the vibrations, meditations, contemplations and incantations of spaces and voids.” –from the publisher

Each of the six interior pages of this issue of Stupendous folds out into a 80 x 53 cm. poster with a black and white design printed on both sides. Contributing artists include Luke Allen, Davide Balliano, Max Bode, Kim Boske, Peter Kleeman, Darri Lorenzen, Katja Mater, Anders Nordby, Agnieszka Polska, Misha de Ridder, Rich Samis, and Clare Wohlnik.