Project by: Schloss Ringenberg

Designer: Corina Neuenschwander

Pages: 80

Format: 240 x 340 mm mm

Year: 2012

Price:  10,00

Smax is a magazine commissioned by Schloss Ringenberg, an institute that offers Residency Programmes for artists and curators, but also hosts exhibitions and organises events. Smax #2 documents the outcome of 2010-2011, exhibitions, events and theoretical insights. The magazine can be read from both sides, from one side text is in German, the other in Dutch. Content and illustrations however are not repeated within the two parts but rather complement each other. The different color sections help to navigate through the four different categories within the publication. Since there are a lot of cross references within the categories, such as artists in residence are part of an exhibition curated by a curator in residence, a letter / number code is introduced to indicate these collaborations clearly. The result is a layout that avoids translations filling the same page, and gives more space to the illustrations.