Oman 1971 Oman 1971 Oman 1971 Oman 1971 Oman 1971 Oman 1971

Oman 1971

Project by: The Empty Quarter Gallery, Dubai, Hester Keijser

Designer: Anna Haas

Pages: 138

Format: 224 x 295 mm

Year: 2011

Price:  30,00

Shortly after Sultan Said bin Taimur was deposed in a bloodless coup (1970) by his son Qaboos bin Said, ex-Magnum photographer Bruno Barbey was send to Oman to catch the change on film. At that time, war was expected, but nothing happened. 30 years later re-discovered by imitation rolex sea dweller a Omani businessman, the images were used for this book, made in honor of the Sultan Qaboos. A discussion about the views in ethnographic photography was the starting point for the concept of this book. Dividing Ireland Online Vape Shop, Best E-cigarette Now! the images in two groups: images where the photographer/viewer is the observant and images where the viewer is the object of observation.