Nonoki Cards Nonoki Cards Nonoki Cards Nonoki Cards Nonoki Cards Nonoki Cards

Nonoki Cards

Designer: Loes Claessens, Moriz Oberberger, Austin Redman

Format: 90 x 120 mm mm

Price:  10,00

Nonoki is a LERP (Live Experience Role Play) table top board game that can be played by 2-10 players. Nonoki is a word from the Anacriptist dialect, which when translated, is defined as the divination towards new ritual tendency in the production of the universal symbolic. Each participant in game play becomes a surrogate avatar for a player or GHOST who links in sensorially and remotely from the home planet Arkwelpsat Peigytrofa. The game play of Nonoki is developed by SenTech.

A booster pack consists of 25 cards and there are 4 sets available per card type.
A Ritual card designates the action that you are to carry out.
A Location card designates the location where the ritual will take place.

Also for sale at limited availability is the Mexico City location deck. 1 pack contains 15 cards to be played within Mexico City.

To specify the desired card type and the booster pack set (1,2,3,4) please mail