Nature Morte. The Cycle : The Autobiographical Show 2010 Nature Morte. The Cycle : The Autobiographical Show 2010

Nature Morte. The Cycle : The Autobiographical Show 2010

Project by: DAI / Dutch Art Institute, CasCo, Tatia Skihirtladze

Designer: Alex DeArmond

Pages: 32

Format: 148 x 210 mm mm

Year: 2009

Price:  12,00

Two-dimensional drafts of the autobiographical show, which has not happened yet.

The Publications Project is a collection of artist books issued by the Dutch Art Institute and designed in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie. DAI and WT are both master programmes of ArtEZ. Gabrielle Schleijpen, course director of the DAI, founded the Publications Project in 2003. It started as an experimental and innovative research and publishing platform aiming to address the specific process of artist books production, from concept and design to distribution, and is now an acclaimed editorial project. Artists and designers are invited to team up in couples to produce an artwork in the form of printed matter, in close collaboration with one or more guest authors (historians, novelists, sociologists, artists, philosophers, etc. ). The 2010 edition consists of twelve publications edited by artist and curator Delphine Bedel. International in its scope, this collection is a unique blend of printed matter varying from artist books, essays, posters series, performance artifacts, documentary investigations, auto-fiction and collages to reenactments on YouTube. Through very diverse perspectives the artists and designers reflect on publishing as a versatile medium. Each book defines its own modes of circulation, through performances, exhibitions and book fairs or as a gift.