Michel Foucault Letters Michel Foucault Letters

Michel Foucault Letters

Project by: DAI / Dutch Art Institute

Designer: Jeremy Jansen

Format: 220 x 154 mm mm

Year: 2009

Price:  5,00

Michel Foucault Letters documents artist Kevin Immanuel’s ongoing project archiving the supposed correspondence between the famous philosopher and a number of galleries and art institutions throughout Europe, North America, and China. The letters were, in fact, written by Immanuel himself, both as a literalization of Foucault’s emphasis on the importance of cultivating an “ironic stance” toward one’s present situation–in Immanuel’s case, the crisis of being a young artist trying to strike up a meaningful discourse with art institutions–and as a poignant critique of the relationship between art institutions and their patrons.
Each letter contains a polite request to become a member of the institution, offers a monetary donation, and actively attempts to initiate a critical dialogue with the institution about its programming and exhibitions. According to Immanuel, the only part of the letters that the institutions responded to were those pertaining to fiscal contribution, proving that the archetypal art institution is both unwilling and incapable of becoming part of a different discourse, even with figures of such cultural significance as Michel Foucault.
Includes an essay by Vesna Madzoski and “A Discursive Letter written to Michel Foucault” by Kevin Immanuel.
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