Metal Meltdown Needs You! Metal Meltdown Needs You! Metal Meltdown Needs You! Metal Meltdown Needs You!

Metal Meltdown Needs You!

Designer: Mark Simmonds

Pages: 77

Format: 210 x 291 mm mm

Price:  5,00

One day magazine (issue 2) Realized during a one day workshop with participant of WT in 2010.
In April 1987 Jeffrey A. VanderClute wrote “Metal Meltdown needs you!” – in April 2011, a motley crew of graphic design students responded. Metal Meltdown was the title of a metal zine produced in Maryland, USA, by Jeffrey A. VanderClute. Aside from merely being a strange and quirky piece of graphic design, Metal Meltdown was taken very seriously by its original author-editor, who when in zine-writing mode summoned his alter-ego, the sick and twisted KLUKE, to write reviews and spread the sound, smell and word of metal. Mark Simmonds discovered Volume I of Metal Meltdown at a New York zine stall in late 2010 and organised a gathering to coincide with the 24th anniversary of Volume I of Metal Meltdown, set in the basement of the Werkplaats Typografie. The aim of this memorable night was simple – to attempt to answer Jeffrey’s request for contributions. Although 24 years late, these new contributions were sent to the P.O. BOX address mentioned in the magazine. Surprisingly enough, the KLUKE replied: “You had a 24th anniversary party for METAL MELTDOWN and you forgot to invite the eDICKtor-in-chief?!”.