Marina / Buba. Whispering Marina / Buba. Whispering

Marina / Buba. Whispering

Project by: Dutch Art Institute (DAI), CasCo

Designer: Marc Hollenstein

Pages: 16

Format: 160 x 210 mm mm

Year: 2009

Price:  14,00

A set of 2 booklets: Marina + Buba. Buba Cvoric and Marina Tomic were born in Serbia 1980 and 1982, and are a collaborative artist team performing actively since 2005. Their performances present an exploration and study of a collective identity, intimacy and behaviour within mutual experience. In most of the works they strive to reveal and understand a marginal and subconscious nature of the collective mind.
These booklets are part of a growing collection of artists publications issued by the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) produced in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie and edited by artist/ curator Delphine Bedel. The 2009 edition consists of 15 publications by different artists, varying from printed matter, book and artist edition to performance artefact. For each project, the artist teamed up with a graphic designer from Werkplaats Typografie, and invited a guest author to contribute. Over the period of one year, various aspects of publishing- concept, editing and design, production and distribution – were addressed, while the artists were invited to see the publication process, as a way of generation work or conversation, rather than just representing it.