Life Is Too Short Life Is Too Short Life Is Too Short Life Is Too Short Life Is Too Short

Life Is Too Short

Project by: Dutch Art Institute Enschede / DAI, CasCo

Designer: Ines Cox

Pages: 116

Format: 240 x 170 mm

Year: 2010

Price:  7,00

Life is Too Short is a manual followed by a series of re-enactments of self-help videos found on youtube. “Are we in perpetual state of recovery? Can it be overcome?” The work appropriates the narratives, voices and gestures of those reproducing recovery as a manual towards a disembodied and success process. The problem here (as the potential movement) is to consider the re-enactment of these voices as what won’t unquestionably reproduce its sameness, but on the contrary, will allow the discrepancies and discontinuities between the original and the copy, between the translation of one body to another, between the subject and its desired model.

The Publications Project is a collection of artist books issued by the Dutch Art Institute and designed in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie.