I have never seen volcanoes I have never seen volcanoes I have never seen volcanoes

I have never seen volcanoes

Project by: DAI / Dutch Art Institute

Designer: Stefano Faoro

Format: 195 x 270 mm

ISBN: 9789490294274

Year: 2011

Price:  9,00

Off the coast in the north of the Netherlands, an extinct, prehistoric volcano lies dormant in the layers of the earth and beneath the waters of the Wadden Sea. This volcano is 160 million years old and it was active for several million years. In the 1970s, while drilling for gas, volcanic specimens were found and thereby this volcano was discovered. Eva Olthof invited filmmaker/writer Peter Delpeut, researcher/writer Siri Driessen and visual artist Roman Signer to write a contribution for this publication. Delpeut wrote a fictive story, Driessen wrote an analysis of the photograph, and Signer send me a publication of his works on the phenomenon of volcanoes.
The publication is part of the series DAI PUBLICATIONS which is a collection of artist’s books issued by the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and designed in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie (WT). The 2011 edition consists of 16 publications.