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Project by: Dutch Art Institute / DAI

Designer: Daniel Frota

Pages: 48

Format: 170 x 235 mm mm

Price:  12,00

This publication by Padraig Robinson and Daniel Frota was made in context of Publishing Class III: How to Live together, DAI. This publication was devised in the model of a conversation in collaboration with designer Daniel Frota, where the act of writing was used to explore the “idiorrhythmic” nature of the discourse around images.The starting point was an image published on The Guardian’s website on Monday 18th February 2013, which is an Instagram image said to be depicting a Palestinian boy in the cross hairs of an Israeli sniper’s rifle zoom. The distinct texts between artist and designer perhaps suggested that the nature of such pictures in general, even those that could be considered “political” at a given moment, have a very unusual condition within the online, digital circulation of social networking. The writing created a problematic regarding the agency of vision, based on an “ethical reaction” for an other we will never meet via image media. This is discussed, and indeed averted, through two individual perspectives — or a fragment of writing about vision.