Flamin’ Stars Flamin’ Stars Flamin’ Stars Flamin’ Stars

Flamin’ Stars

Project by: DAI, CasCo

Designer: Iván Martínez López

Pages: 96

Format: 100 x 140 mm mm

Price:  12,00

Flamin’ Stars is a collaborative sound work by artist and writer Sarah Jones, sound producer Julika, and designer Ivan Martinez. The hour-long narrative piece, reminiscent of a radio drama, is based on a series of short, poetic texts developed during a residency period in Texas in 2013. Flamin’ Stars readdresses
notions in a contemporary context through a personal engagement with landscape and movement by three artists from different backgrounds. The work travels through, along, and at times ruptures contemporary dialogue around border landscapes, race, movement and environment. It hopes to go beyond the written and the spoken, into and then somehow beyond the specific context of the West Texas desert landscape.