Exercises in Practical Mischievery #3. What Ever Happened to Fritz Rainer?

Exercises in Practical Mischievery #3. What Ever Happened to Fritz Rainer?

Project by: Speculative Press

Designer: Laura Pappa

Pages: 16

Format: 110 x 240 mm

Price:  3,00

Fritz Rainer (1925, Basel) became a spiritual leader in his mid-twenties guiding people through the trials of life. In 1951 he began preaching on the streets and soon enough his teachings started to attract bigger and bigger crowds. The movement rapidly developed into a cult-like entity with a large group of supporters and followers. Analysts have speculated that the real driving force behind Rainer’s popularity was his unusual not to say bizarre method of deliverance. The method, now taken on by The Rainer Plate creators, incorporated the employment of the material qualities of a CTP printing plate to give speeches all over the country. This included bizarre movements with the plate, a variety of ear-splitting sounds the plate produced, the reflection of it, not to mention the presence of an odd-sized metal sheet that in itself raised a mass furor, which eventually influenced the minds of the crowds, converting them into full-scale Rainerists. The publication walks through Fritz’ life and uncovers some details from his past.This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.

The series Exercises in Practical Mischievery takes a closer look at notable groups and individuals in the production and implementation of various out of the ordinary forms for the distribution of word and thought. This includes using and manipulating existing media channels but also inventing new tools and methods. How could daily theatre be put to work for our benefit in regard to sharing information in our immediate surrounding? The collection, aspiring to become an encyclopedia of sorts, is intended to serve as a catalyst in thinking of freely accessible tools for the dissemination of thought. In this series we will introduce you to: Jan de Jong, Fritz Rainer, Andy Bichlbaum & Michael Bonanno, Yetta Bronstein and (Mrs) Edna Welthorpe. The series is edited by Aubrie Savage.