Ever Tell Twice

Ever Tell Twice

Project by: Dutch Art Institute

Designer: Bosco Hernández

Pages: 70

Format: 240 x 340 mm mm

Price:  10,00

Rui’s short story is about two speechless characters caught in the curse of love. The uncertain moment, in which they are trapped, will be followed up, questioned and answered by the collaborators. Each contribution is a reaction to Rui’s short story and approaches diverse aspects concerning love and restraint. Performative and cinematic, literary and philosophical as well as phenomenological analyses come into play. Using strategies of collaboration in an artistic context, the book turns into a multifaceted investigation. Vivien Trommer.

Artist books – The Dutch Art Institute is one of the master programmes of the ArtEZ institute of the Arts. The DAI is a practice based research institute but grants theory, knowledge production and reflection an important, shared position within the curriculum. Students at DAI participate in the discourses on the future of art in the context of a globalizing world. Because of the international student body DAI does not work with compelling formats, but instead folds thematic seminars and conferences and lectures in a flexible way around running projects. Since 2004 WT and DAI cooperate in editing, designing and producing the yearly graduation booklets for DAI.