Class Breaks, Maja Hodoscek Class Breaks, Maja Hodoscek Class Breaks, Maja Hodoscek

Class Breaks, Maja Hodoscek

Project by: Dutch Art Institute / DAI

Designer: Bardhi Haliti

Pages: 103

Format: 120 x 170 mm mm

Price:  10,00

Class Breaks was made in close collaboration with the artist Maja Hodoscek’s sister Zala who at the time of the book’s development was just finishing elementary school. For several months Zala secretly filmed activities at her school during class breaks. She was especially interested in shooting her closest classmates, Nik and Urh, and engaging in a series of discussions throughout the school. The book consists of fragments from these conversations. As the students touch upon political issues, their own position within institutional structures, and their relationships, Class Breaks provides stimulating insight into the social dynamics of the school environment.

How to Live Together series, the third edition of Publishing Class, focuses on writing and publishing as a speculative tool and as a conduit through which communities are fostered. Over the course of a year the class sets out to ‘publish’ individually and / or collectively, with the aid of monthly guests. It is inspired by Roland Barthes’ seminal 1977 lecture series that bears the same title. In that series Barthes developed the concept of ‘idiorrythmy’ to express a possible way of living together that preserved individual rhythms. Special guests to the class include: Hong-Kai Wang, Tea Hvala, Christian Nyampeta, Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri (16 Beaver), Pieter Verbeke & Elisabeth Klement (San Serriffe), Benjamin Thorel (castillo/corrales)